Three Men – History Makers

Three Men – History Makers

The 2023 MXGP championship has every chance to see some historical moments being made. While the title race could be open between a handful of riders, you have to pick defending champion Tim Gajser as the early favourite, but the list of the competition is very tough this year.

With only three men having won the MXGP championship, those being Tim GajserJeffrey Herlings and Romain Febvre, there is a chance that a new champion will be crowned in 2023. Could it be Jeremy Seewer, or Jorge Prado or maybe Maxime Renaux. Both Prado and Renaux have MX2 championships, but for Seewer, he has the opportunity to take his first ever World Championship.

Gajser currently has five World title to his name and 43 Grand Prix wins, placing him well up the all-time list, while his biggest rival, Jeffrey Herlings also has five World motocross championships and 99 Grand Prix victories.

If either Gajser or Herlings win this year a MXGP Championship, they will join the great Joel Roberts with six world title and sit third, along with Antonio Cairoli (9 World titles) and  the Belgian legend in the all-time list of Motocross World Championships Stefan Everts (10 World titles) ahead of him. To climb into third place in the all-time list would be a massive achievement for either riders and one the sport will embrace with open arms. 

As far as the all-time list for Grand Prix victories, Herlings is second behind Everts, who has 101 Grand Prix victories, while Gajser is sixth on the all-time list with only Everts (101), Herlings (99), Cairoli (94), Joel Smets (57), Robert (50) ahead of him. It seems obvious Herlings will go to the top of that list in 2023 and Gajser has every chance to catch or pass Robert and move into the top five.

Red Bull GasGas factory rider Jorge Prado also has a chance to make a move in the all-time lists. If he can add the MXGP Championship to his two MX2 title victories, then he obviously becomes a three-time Motocross World Champion. Those with three World motocross championships is also an impressive list with Paul Friedrichs, Guennady Moisseev, Gaston Rahier, Andre Malherbe, Dave Thorpe, Alessio Chiodi and Greg Albertyn, all part of that select group.

In terms of Grand Prix victories, the Spanish star has 36 GP wins to his name, equalling legendary Belgian Roger De Coster, while just ahead of him are Torsten Hallman on 37, Mickeal Pichon 38 and Eric Geboers on 39. A good year by Prado could see him move past all three and a little closer to Gajser.

All-Time World Champions – Top 10

1. Stefan Everts 10

2. Antonio Cairoli 9

3. Joel Robert 6

4. Jeffrey Herlings 5

5. Tim Gajser 5

6. Roger De Coster 5

7. Eric Geboers 5

8. Georges Jobe 5

9. Joel Smets 5

10. Torsten Hallman 4

All-Time GP winners – Top 11

1. Stefan Everts 101

2. Jeffrey Herlings 99

3. Antonio Cairoli 94

4. Joel Smets 57

5. Joel Robert 50

6. Tim Gajser 43

7. Eric Geboers 39

8. Mickael Pichon 38

9. Torsten Hallman 37

10. Roger De Coster 36

11. Jorge Prado 36

Photo Credit: KTM


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