Loyalty Scheme


Welcome to the Race-points loyalty scheme

Register your account to start earning Race-points. Register an account with Racebolt and you will get an initial 200 points.


Earning Points

You have to be registered as an account customer in order to earn points.

With Race-Points, you’ll get 5 points per £1 on everything you buy — every day.

Exclusions on Earning Points.

You have to register a Racebolt Account to enable you to earn points.

You cannot use points and coupons at the same time.

Points are removed automatically for cancelled orders and refunded orders

Redeeming points.

Get more of what you want at Racebolt by turning Race-points into pounds off future purchases.

For every 100 points you have earned , you will get £1.00 off your next purchase.

Maximum discount for a single product is 50%.

In order to be able to redeem your points you need to have a minimum order value of £25.00 in your basket.

Your Points will expire after 6 months and you will be notified by e-mail 21 days before your points are due to expire.