Titanium Bolts & Fasteners


Racebolt manufacture all of our Titanium products on site in Bristol. We use aircraft specification Grade 5 Titanium (6AL-4V) for this entire range.

Grade 5 Titanium is the most widely used Titanium Alloy and has excellent strength to weight properties.

We roll the threads on these components, a process which accurately crushes the thread form into the surface of the bolt, directing the material grain structure around the thread form, increasing the toughness of the thread.

This helps our Titanium Bolts achieve a strength range between Class 8.8 and Class 10.9 alloy steel equivalent bolts, with a Tensile Strength of 950 MPa (138,000 psi).

Titanium is generally 40% lighter than Steel. Our Race Spec range is designed for minimum weight with maximum strength and is approximately 45% lighter than steel equivalent parts.

We recommend applying either a medium strength thread locker (Loctite 242) or an anti-seize lubricant (Copaslip) to prevent galling especially when fitting Titanium bolts with Titanium Nuts. We recommend OEM Torque settings.

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Aluminium Bolts & Fasteners

Our Aluminium products are manufactured on site from 6082-T6 Aluminium Alloy.Tensile strength 275 MPa (42,100 psi). Generally 60% lighter than steel, these bolts offer a highly cost effective performance advantage to OEM parts.

All parts are fully machined with rolled threads and suitable for general to light duty applications.

In a range of styles including Tapered Socket cap Bolts unique to Racebolt, and our copyrighted Race Hex Design.

Hard Anodised for durability and increased corrosion resistance in either silver or black.

AL-tech-socket-cap AL-tech-nuts AL-tech-hex-head


Stainless Steel Bolts & Fasteners


Racebolt Stainless Steel parts are manufactured on site from high Cr/Ni Austenitic Stainless Steel especially formulated for us giving superior strength, corrosion resistance and durability.

Tensile Strength 700 MPa (100,000 psi). An exceptional quality product tried and tested in the market place for the last 10 years. Available in a wide range of styles, Racebolt is the first company to manufacture these styles of fastener in Stainless steel. Fully machined with rolled threads for increased strength. Recommended for general purpose use.

All of our Stainless Products are highly polished on site.

Each and every Racebolt fastener is manufactured with rolled threads rather than machined cut threads.

SS-tech-clips SS-tech-pad-pins

If you require any further information or you have a technical query please contact us on technical@racebolt.co.uk

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